Second Annual Sacratomato Festival

I hate plain tomatoes. There, I said it. Millions love ‘em, so it is wholly possible and probable I am dead wrong. In fact, I know I am. For those who love these red fruits (yes, fruits), the Sutter District’s second annual Sacratomato Festival on Saturday, July 23 will be an event to remember. This kid-friendly event is sure to have lots of awesome eats on the menu, local restauranteurs, specialty stores and vendors and, of course, everything related to this industry that you never really needed to know but want to. The event is free and will be held at the pristine grounds of Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park located at 2701 L St. in downtown Sacramento from 4 to 8 p.m. If you have some strength afterward, you could visit Lowbrau, Harlow’s, Blue Lamp, Old Ironsides, Ace of Spades or any other local music establishment. Expect a bevy of activities for the little ones and, more importantly, all the tomatoes you can eat in one sitting. Buy some to take home as well. There will be plenty on hand. For more info, go to

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