Looking to awaken from that winter hibernation? Didn’t think so. Luckily, Soil Born Farms is powering through with two cooking classes this month to cure your January blues. Learn from two experienced chefs—Dionisio Esperas and Kerin Gould—in two distinct classes that’ll help make this time of the year a little more tolerable. And who knows; you might learn something. The first class—taught by Chef Esperas—aims to teach eager chefs-in-training how to perfect the one pot meal, essential for weeknights when you’d rather curl up and sleep. Specifically, learn from Chef “Dio”—owner of Sacramento-based, “A Healthy Kitchen” catering and cooking—how to make a Moroccan vegetable stew, Indian chicken curry and a gumbo true to the South. The second class, taught by Chef Gould—a long-time student of the culinary world and current educator of farm-friendly nutrition—intends to boost our immune systems through tasty yet simple eats. Ditch the salty, often-canned ingredients for some local produce, Sacramento-style: the perfect way to support the city and your health. Whether you’re looking for an easier method of cooking, a healthy way to enjoy comfort foods or just a social atmosphere with eats, both of these events surely promise to deliver on all three and possibly more. Tickets are $45 for Chef Dios’ course, Winter One Pot (which comes with a light lunch), taking place Saturday, Jan. 18 and $30 for Chef Gould’s Satisfying Souper Foods, which will be held Thursday, Jan. 30. Both events will take place at the Farmhouse Kitchen on American River Ranch (2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova). For more information, head to Soilborn.org/calendar.