Chocolatiers and chocolate enthusiasts alike will revel at the presentation of Ginger Elizabeth’s “Summer Ice Cream Social” events. As luck would have it, the first of four installments just so happens to fall on my daughter’s birthday. When temperatures soar in the Sacramento Valley, this downtown haven for all things delicious and decadent features special ice cream dishes. This year’s events showcase ingredients which make one’s mouth water incessantly upon first glance. If a “Ferrari Farms Bing Cherry Brown Betty made with Manresa Bread Pain au Levain, Cherry Butter Sauce, Frozen Custard made with Contreras Farm Duck Eggs and Chantilly” dessert doesn’t cause intense spasms of the mouth and/or brain, perhaps a visit to a convenience store for a crappy Blue Bunny popsicle would suit you best. These once-a-year dishes may be $9, but are worth every penny. All ice creams are made in small batches using the very best organic milk from Clover Stornetta, chocolate from Valrhona and eggs from Vega Farms. Expect them to sell out of these quick so consult the store’s website for more details. Odds are, you’ll be smiling from head to toe with a brain freeze you will never forget. Just do it, already. Go to for more details.

    Eddie Jorgensen

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