Sactown Allergy Tea Photo by Stephanie Schaber

Even with the little spell of rain we had last week, it is still full-on allergy season in the Northern California area right now. Near our office in Midtown, piles of pollen and dust are gathering on the sides of the streets and on the sidewalks. Literally piles! So if you’re anything like us and have stuffy noses, itchy eyes and endless streams of nastiness coming out of your face holes, you might want to drag yourself into downtown Sacramento’s The Allspicery to pick up some of their “Sactown Allergy Tea.” It’s loaded with all sorts of interesting stuff like stinging nettle leaf (which has been shown to be effective in treating hay fever and allergic reactions), licorice root (which also serves as a soothing expectorant), ginger (which contains nature’s antihistamine, gingerol) and more. Could this be the magical potion that helps us all get through allergy season without murdering each other and/or ripping our noses off? At only $3 per ounce, we’d say it’s worth a shot, and it seems to have worked for a number of people that took to social media to confess their love of the Allergy Tea. On The Allspicery’s Instagram page, Nicole Pineda (@sfgamerbabe12) commented, “I love my tea! I swear it helped me sleep better last night, and I woke up feeling great!” On the spice shop’s Facebook page, Cearra Cannon proclaimed, “I can personally attest that this tastes amazing and is very calming! Definitely helping out my sore throat!” So there you have it, this stuff is legit. The Allspicery is located at 1125 11th St. Learn more about them online at or give them a ring at (916) 389-7828.

*This write-up first appeared in print on page 8 of issue #236 (March 27 – April 10, 2017).*