Third Annual Sacramento Korean Food Festival Returns

Not all culinary cuisine was created equal. Just ask the fine folks in charge of the Third Annual Sacramento Korean Food Festival. There is something for everyone on the festival’s varied menu. Admission is free and selections include Dukbokki (Korean spice rice cake with vegetables), Japchae (Korean noodle), Korean BBQ (beef and chicken), Bibimbap (vegetables or meat over rice bowl), Mandu (Korean potsticker), Chun (Korean pancake), Korean/American deserts and more. Expect cooking demos, Korean beer, kimchi, live music, a drum dance and enough edibles to fill your stomach for days. Located at the lovely St. Jeong-Hae Elizabeth Korean Catholic Church, this event runs from 10 a.m–3 p.m. Bring cash as food is cheap but the options are many. To register for the event go to and search “Korean Food Festival.”