Some call it a sport, others call it an expressive form of art. Regardless of your perspective on beer pong, we can all agree it’s one of the best reasons to call for a social gathering. Sac City Rollers are known for their competitive nature and incredible enthusiasm, so it’s no surprise that they’re hosting a Beer Pong Tourney at Morgan’s Bar and Grill (3348 S Street) on Friday, May 9. Assemble your team of four, purchase your tickets at ($35 per team of 4, $45 for a team of 3 and a derby girl teammate and $10 for individual players) and make sure to eat a hearty meal before arriving to the event at 6 p.m. precisely (tournament begins at 7 p.m.)! Sac City Rollers will be granting the champions with a trophy, SCR gear and the entitlement to brag to any one you desire. Remember, being a champion requires a great amount of responsibility, so make sure to recruit a designated driver.