While Sacramento has a bevy of charity runs to choose from, sometimes you just want to shake it up. To that end, why not try the Coloma River Run (Saturday, May 4), where you can race (or, if the mood isn’t striking you, walk) along a variable altitude course by the South Fork American River? At the very least, it’s a better view than the same old runs in downtown and East Sac. Formed as a fundraiser to fight type 1 diabetes, the Coloma River Run has a variety of courses, so everyone from the aerobically challenged (yours truly) to trail-running pros can participate. Each race starts at the Magnolia Ranch Trailhead just 5 miles outside of Coloma, but quickly split off. The shorter 5K turns onto the Gerle Loop Trail, which takes you around a hill and down near the river, before looping back to the finish line at the trailhead. The longer 10K and 10-mile races head out in the opposite direction and take you on a much more challenging route over creeks and up and down the foothills at about a 22 percent grade. Whether you’re looking for a fun walk in the woods or want to work up a sweat with some beautiful views, the Coloma River Run is a great way to spend one of the last Saturdays before the summer heat kicks in. Registration is $45, and closes on April 30. Race begins at 8 a.m. In order to register, and for more course info, check out Colomariverrun.com

**This write-up first appeared in print on page 12 of issue #289 (April 10 – 24, 2019)**