The South Fork of the American River began proclaiming its glory in the mid-1800s during the historical Gold Rush, attracting miners and pioneers from all over the world. Today, despite the ever-depressing drought conditions, the river is still effortlessly alluring adventurers, but for an entirely different reason. Calling all thrill-seekers, adrenaline-junkies, nature-lovers and venture-newbies alike, we have an opportunity for you to make your summer a little more exciting. SMUD has agreed to a water lease, allowing water flow to the South Fork of the American River for six hours a day, Monday through Thursday. The low-flow days are Tuesday and Wednesday, but why not try some white-water rafting on a Monday or Thursday? Outdoor Adventure River Specialists (O.A.R.S.) has been an online hotspot for water-sport thrill seekers; contains a ton of sporting and lodging information for destinations statewide to help you plan your white-water adventure this season. Why not plan a weekend camping trip including rafting, kayaking or hiking? O.A.R.S. website has all the intel you need. It’s time to get out of the city, away from the suburbs, and into the beautiful nature spots of California.