Sacramento, we’ve finally done it! After years of evaluating multiple surveys, acquiring and analyzing new knowledge and conducting multiple experiments, a conclusion has finally been reached. The facts speak for themselves, and as hypothesized, evidence proves Sacramento to have an exceptionally respectable music scene … and it’s not messing around. Skeptics of this finding are encouraged to see Deerhunter’s show at Harlow’s on Aug. 27, 2013. The band’s new album, Monomania, experimentally illustrates surf-rock vibes behind a garage sound, resulting in a surprisingly approachable masterpiece of dismantled punk awesomeness. This is their fourth album recognized by Pitchfork for “best new music,” and the album’s success has landed them spots on multiple major music festival line-ups all over the country. Considering the inevitable potential our local music scene has demonstrated, it’s no surprise that Harlow’s will be hosting Deerhunter amidst their prosperity. Check out more info at If you’re still beating yourself up for missing Built to Spill, this is a great way to forgive yourself.