In a recent interview I conducted for SF Weekly, I learned how privileged we are in the United States. Nigerian star Femi Kuti wants you to know he presently does not have electricity, and, if he does, it is very short-lived. The son of the late Fela Kuti, arguably the greatest world music artist ever, frets not about Facebook “likes” but, rather, keeping the lights on for his family. Even during our discussion, Femi seemed relieved to know that the United States shared somewhat in his pain but, more importantly, wished no ill-will on his rabid fanbase here or any human being on Earth. You can hear Femi perform live at this year’s High Sierra Music Festival, which is one of those rare outings set in a gorgeous faux meadow surrounded by hills, trees, rivers and open air. See you there? Check out and visit to get tickets and see a full line-up of this year’s acts.

    Eddie Jorgensen

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