Skinner is easily one of our favorite artists to have ever called Sacramento home (he currently lives in Oakland). We’ve been fans for years, and his work even graced the covers of one of our earliest issues. Looking at his extremely detailed, creepy, almost nightmare-inducing art might lead one to believe that the man behind the work is a raging lunatic. While that’s not completely untrue (seriously just look at some of his work!), he is, in reality, one of the nicest dudes we’ve ever met. Years ago, Submerge was visiting Skinner’s studio in the Del Paso Heights area and after learning that a couple of us here at the mag like to go snowboarding a lot, he tossed us a couple free pairs of goggles that he collaborated on with the eyewear company Spy. He was just like, “Here’s a couple hundred dollars’ worth of product for free because what the fuck am I gonna do, go snowboarding?!? That shit is cold!” See? Nicest guy ever. What’s the point of all this? Well, we are way fucking stoked for Skinner right now because he recently announced that he did the insanely awesome album artwork for metal giants Mastodon’s new album, Once More ‘Round the Sun. “This album is incredible, and I’m really honored to have been asked to do this with the Mastodon boys,” Skinner wrote on his Facebook page ( “They are incredible artists and explorative spirits. Always moving. Always changing and I love them!” You can pre-order the limited edition, two-LP vinyl exclusively at This is one you’ll want to get your hands on! It’s a huge four panel pullout that “sort of tells the universal story of life and death,” according to the artist. You can also hear a ripping new track off the album called “High Road” on the band’s website. Skinner’s art and Mastodon’s sounds? Yeah, we’re into it!

    Jonathan Carabba

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