Sacto party throwers extraordinaire Shaun Slaughter and Adam Jay, along with Requiem Events and That Thing on Friday, are all coming together to resurrect the much-missed dance night known as “Fuck Friday!” FF first started back in 2004 as a weekly event at Townhouse and over the years became an incubator for emerging music with super fun and elaborate themed parties (think “Circus” or “Prom”), and featured amazing guest DJs, DIY lighting rigs and a balls-to-the-wall crowd that wasn’t afraid to really let loose. “We have this whole ethos and idea of making the dance floor back into a fun place for dance music and not bullshit,” Slaughter recently told Submerge when he broke the news of FF’s return. Fuck Friday will now be just once a month on second Fridays and will be held at at Midtown BarFly (1119 21st Street). An appropriate date to rise from the dead is clearly Friday, Feb. 13, 2015; so partygoers, make sure to mark your calendars because as Slaughter puts it, “the bitch is back!” According to the event’s Facebook page you can expect aggressive, playful music with a fuck-you attitude; massively curated themes; left-of-center guest DJs and live performances; and of course lasers, smoke machines, strobe lights and bad decisions. FF cover is just $5 and doors open at 10 p.m. 18-and-over only.

Adam Jay-Requiem photo

    Jonathan Carabba

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