Hannah Jane Kile

Local Americana artist and Auburn-based Hannah Jane Kile released her new record, Little Blue Heron, back in August but never had a proper release show in the Sacramento Valley. Fans of singer/songwriter ditties and ‘70s radio fare a la Linda Ronstadt or even Bonnie Raitt, should come en masse to hear a young woman who sounds as full and graceful as the very artists she’s influenced by and often compared to. “It took about two months of being in the studio two days a week to record Little Blue Heron,” said Hannah Jane Kile while preparing for her upcoming show. “Little Blue Heron came out on Aug. 28, 2015, and is much more explosive than my first release, Becoming Someone. Also, I have two other bandmates to share my songs with and I’m very grateful for them. My first record was much more stripped down with mostly guitar and vocals with some hints of mandolin, organ and backup vocals. Additionally, I have very dear friends who are extremely supportive of my music and they have friends who work at the theater. I also grew up doing musical theater as well so I am honored to be performing in one of Sacramento’s historical theaters. I also think that it’s a really sweet listening room.” Visit Hannahjanekile.com for music, ticket info, and more.

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