Irishpalooza 2016 Sacramento

It isn’t March yet and it’s definitely nowhere near St. Patty’s Day. However, true Irish celebrations don’t operate by a strict calendar. This gathering of local Irish rock bands is sure to please on many fronts whether you enjoy the culture or not. Sacramento’s Whiskey and Stitches open this Friday night party and bring a wonderful concoction of nontraditional rock fare played with even more nontraditional instruments, such as the upright bass, accordion, banjo and mandolin. Also on the bill are Celtic/Americana act One Eyed Reilly, who will drop some green-colored science with their special brand of rock-infused folk. Closing out the night will be The Pikeys, who effectively mix punk, Celtic, Irish and rock into a mind-boggling stew. Fans of the fiddle and violin and such disparate acts as The Pogues, The Tossers, Tom Waits and Dropkick Murphys will find great reward in their set. The Irishpalooza party starts early (6 p.m.) and only lasts for three hours. When this party is over, you can roam the streets looking for another watering hole (preferably Irish in theme) to do even more damage to your liver and credit card. For the cost of one beer at most fine establishments, your $8 ticket secures you an early night you surely won’t remember. Buy your tickets now at

    Eddie Jorgensen

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