Jay and Silent Bob

When Submerge last caught up with actor/director Jason Mewes (of Jay and Silent Bob fame) in 2013, he reflected on his unlikely yet iconic screen partnership with Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) that has lasted for decades. “Me being where I am is surreal,” Mewes told us. “I didn’t plan on acting, I was roofing, and then Kevin said, ‘I wrote a character for you, and he’s based on the way you act—how you’re obnoxious and pull your balls out all the time.’ I was like, sure. Now it’s 20 years later …” Even today, the hilarious and foul-mouthed duo best known for their classic appearances in films such as Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks 2, are still going strong. Luckily for Sacramentans they’ll be bringing their popular Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast to town on Saturday, June 20 for a live taping at the Sacramento Community Theater as part of the Wizard World Comic Con. Tickets start at just $24.50 and are available now at Tickets.com. Check out past episodes of this No. 1 iTunes rated comedy podcast at Smodcast.com. Learn more about Wizard World Comic Con’s other scheduled events at Wizardworld.com. To read our full interview with Mewes from 2013, click here.

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