Kamasi Washington

If you appreciate jazz and all it’s complexities, or you have an adventurous ear, you’ll want to check out tenor saxophonist Kamasi Washington’s upcoming performance at Harlow’s. Washington’s latest album, The Epic, came out on the fiercely independent (and mostly electronic) Brainfeeder record label and has already been making waves across the country. Not only can Washington wield a tenor saxophone like nobody’s business, he has already drawn lofty comparisons to such greats as Albert Ayler and even John Coltrane. His latest record peaked at No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard Jazz Albums and has garnered the kind of buzz many jazz musicians would kill for. If “Change of the Guard” doesn’t take you on a journey through time and space, perhaps you may want to get your ears checked. Other equally compelling numbers include the lovely and slower-paced “Isabelle” and the appropriately named “The Rhythm Changes,” which will make many saxophonists and musicians hang up their instruments in utter defeat. Don’t blow it and get out to this show. You will thank us later. For advance tickets visit Harlows.com and for more info, including some mind-blowing music, check out Kamasiwashington.com

    Eddie Jorgensen

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