If you read our December 2012 cover story on local all-girl jazz/folk/pop group Cave Women, then you already know that this talented group of young women holds a special place in our hearts. “These musicians have an almost magical connection with one another,” wrote James Barone on the group, talking about their 2012 self-titled full-length album. Thankfully Cave Women are back again with a new EP called Second Chances that they are releasing on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014. The following night, they’ll play a release show at Shine Cafe, located at 1400 E Street in Downtown Sacramento. It’s just $5 for the cover and the show gets going at 8 p.m. If you’re not familiar with this talented crew of multi-instrumentalists, you really should be; and not just because they are an all-girl group (as if it was some sort of attraction or something), but because they are really incredible musicians pulling from a wide range of influences including jazz, world and folk, with pop songwriting structures. Casey Lipka plays the stand-up bass and mbira (a small instrument with origins in Zimbabwe that consists of metal keys that are plucked by hand), Alicyn Yaffee plays guitar, Emily Messick does a little bit of everything (melodica/accordion/guitar/piano), and Kim Davis plays flute and saxophone. Maybe the best part is that they all sing beautifully too, whether separately or together in perfect four-part harmonies. Submerge was lucky enough to get a preview of Second Chances, and we can confirm that it is wonderful listening material and it shows the group meshing together even more than on their previous releases. Second Chances is five lush, dreamy tunes that will leave you wondering why the heck these girls aren’t more popular than they are. In time, we’re sure they will be. Until then, we’re happy that Sacramento can keep them as our little secret! Head to Cavewomen.bandcamp.com now to pre-order the EP for only $5 or check out Cavewomenmusic.com for more information

    Jonathan Carabba

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