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I stumbled across the new-ish local band Privileges in a rather unlikely place: Craigslist. While perusing the musicians board looking for like-minded people to get together to jam with, I noticed a post about a group looking for a vocalist. Intrigued (although I’m no vocalist), I clicked on it, followed another link to hear some of their tunes and was immediately hooked on their funky, spaced-out instrumental jams. Right away I recognized their drummer Omar Gonzalez-Barajas, as I’ve been a fan of his for years (he’s played with some of my other local faves like Sister Crayon, DLRN, and Cove). The group is currently rounded out with the uber talented guitarist Tyler Simmons and keyboard wizard Zach Hake. “Privileges inhabits the space between Tyler’s psychedelic and progressive guitars, Zach’s classically borne key riffs, and Omar’s funk and hip-hop influenced drums,” the band writes in their brief bio. They go on to self describe their sound as “smooth, danceable, impactful” and I couldn’t agree more. The group reminds me one of my all-time favorite instrumental groups (that you’ve likely never heard of but should listed to right away) called The Redneck Manifesto. Despite their post to Craigslist looking for a singer, it appears for the moment at least that Privileges is continuing on as an instrumental group (and I secretly hope they stay that way), having already released their five-track debut EP Common Language online at (start with the seven-plus-minute jazzy tune “We Two Time / Into the Fire,” it’s so good). Privileges have a release show lined up at Shine Cafe on Friday, Aug. 21 and they’ll be joined by Doctor Now, a new group fronted by Garrett Wildgust of The Old Screen Door and Ideateam, as well as the local psychedelic indie rock band Lucid Popsicle. The show starts at 8 p.m., cover is just $6 and all ages are welcome. Shine is located at 1400 E Street in downtown Sacramento. Learn more about the band at

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