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When 14 visual artists converge for Menagerie Pop-Up Art Shows next event on July 24, 2015 at Outlet Coworking in Midtown, it won’t just be for one night like the term “pop-up” might suggest. “In the past, our shows were limited to only one night,” Menagerie organizer and artist Sarah Marie Hawkins told Submerge. “Due to the generosity of Outlet Coworking, we are now able to offer our artists longer installation periods where their art can be viewed and enjoyed long after the initial opening night.”

Menagerie shows are a platform for up-and-coming artists of varying mediums to network with other like-minded artists and to gain experience showing their work, all while never taking a commission or charging other fees like some traditional galleries might. In addition, each artist gets a professional headshot to use in their portfolio as well as professional shots of the show. According to Hawkins, the next show—which will remain up for a month—features a few ink illustrators, as well as acrylic painters, framed typed original poetry, an oil painter, watercolorists and “an artist who did a wood burning/carving portrait and stained it with coffee. A pretty eclectic group,” she said.

The artists are almost all local, with the three that aren’t having ties to Sacramento. To see a list of all the artists involved, visit The opening event on Friday, July 24 starts at 7 p.m. Outlet Coworking is located at 2110 K Street in downtown Sacramento (the old Gallery 2110 and Sacramento Art Complex).

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