In our last issue of Submerge we featured Sacramento-based progressive/post-hardcore group A Lot Like Birds’ vocalist Kurt Travis and his new solo album. Now another member of the group, guitarist/songwriter Michael Franzino, is branching out and planning a solo project of his own, only this one has an interesting and rather unique twist. The project will be called alone. and will see Franzino retreat to a cabin in the middle of nowhere in complete isolation for a couple of months to write a record that he will eventually record and release DIY, sans record label. Franzino has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 to cover recording expenses, hire musicians to play on the album and to rent a cabin and feed himself while he’s holed up in seclusion writing. “I wish to write the project in isolation because it is of my belief that the most profound art comes from the feelings of loneliness and longing,” Franzino said in a promo video on the Indiegogo page, which can be found at He went on to say that the new music will be “a deeper exploration into the softer and more ambient/melodic side of my writing” and that “the songs will more heavily feature a string section, a horn section, a more eclectic use of percussion, more choral aspects, more electronic sounds, and a general tenacity to have bigger compositions and a wider array of noises.” He points to a few songs on ALLB’s 2013 album No Place as examples (“Hand Over Mouth,” “No Nurture,” “Kuroi Ledge,” and “Myth of Lasting Sympathy”), but mentions that they are “just a taste.” If you wish to donate to Franzino’s newest musical adventure, you’ll be rewarded with all kinds of goodies, everything from early downloads, to physical CDs with exclusive album art, posters, hand-printed shirts/patches, guitar tablature booklets, sneak peak Skype sessions from the studio, heck, for $350 he’ll even tattoo your full name on his ass (not a joke!). Look for Submerge to keep you in the loop on what happens with alone. and Franzino’s quest into the unknown. The dude is an incredibly talented composer and multi-instrumentalist and we cannot wait to hear what that crazy brain of his comes up with out there in the wilderness. Hit up for more information.

    Jonathan Carabba

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