You know your group is tight when you can enter a studio, press record and with everyone playing all together in one room make an awesome sounding live album. Local indie/pop group Musical Charis recently did just that and they’re releasing the songs, along with DVD footage of the session, at Harlow’s on Friday, Dec. 6, 2013 when they will be opening for Dishwalla. The Charis recorded seven songs in Los Angeles on Nov. 11 at Velveteen Laboratory, a studio owned and operated by Taylor Locke from the band Rooney.

“Taylor is a genius. It was an honor to work with him,” Blake Abbey, one of the founders of Musical Charis, told Submerge.

“It actually sounds better than all of our CDs,” he said of the live recording, which features Abbey on acoustic guitar/kick-drum/tambourine and his wife Jessie Abbey on the Rhodes/synth/hi-hat (they both sing), as well as Joe Kye (violin), Sam Barlow (electric guitar), Colin Vieira (bass) and Marc Del Chiaro (electric guitar). JMB Records is putting out the release on Jan. 1, 2014 via iTunes (both DVD and audio), so the Dec. 6 show at Harlow’s is your shot to get your hands on the physical release. If you head over to, you can check out a video the band posted of a song called “Anatomy” to give you a feel for how fantastic the audio sounds. Musical Charis is one of the best sounding live bands from Sacramento, and this live EP/DVD combo will only further prove that point.

    Jonathan Carabba

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