It wasn’t long ago that we were bumming out on Bows and Arrows closing, but now we’ve got some really good news to pass along about the building space and the people involved. Not only will one of its co-founders, Trisha Rhomberg, be re-opening Bows and Arrows in a new location later this summer along the R Street corridor (more on that in a later issue of Submerge), but the other founder, Olivia Coelho, is partnering with some longtime friends of hers to open an entertainment venue in the space formerly occupied by Bows (1815 19th Street, Sacramento) that will be called Witch Room. Witch Room will feature local, national and international bands. All shows will be 18-plus, they will offer a selection of beer/wine/bar food and it will only be open on event nights. Coelho and her Witch Room co-founders, which include Liz Liles (who plays in the rad band G. Green), Liz Mahoney (who plays in the equally rad band Screature) and Mark Kaiser (also a musician and founder of record labels Omnibus and Mt.St.Mtn), have been feverishly working on the space with help from family members to build a new stage, paint, rearrange stuff, and generally give the place a whole new identity.


“It wasn’t pre-meditated,” Coelho told Submerge of the plan to open Witch Room. “I know it probably seems like it was, but this came together so fast. I ran into Liz Liles at a house party in Davis and we just started talking and I was like, ‘Lets meet with Liz Mahoney tomorrow.’ Then once we met with Mark he was like, ‘Alright so tomorrow we’re building at the site, and you’re doing this, and you’re doing that…’ Those three have been booking shows and playing in bands their entire lives. It just seemed like we would be stupid not to try.”

Submerge was lucky enough to see the work in progress last week and we are very excited about what the future holds for Witch Room. With the new stage, new layout, new crew booking shows (plus some old faces like Drew Walker, who will be handling sound), we think it’s going to be a really awesome place to see live music. Speaking of, they already have seven solid shows listed on their website (, the first of which is Tuesday, March 25, and features five sick bands. Hit up their website or to learn more and view upcoming shows.

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