Nor Cal Noise Fest

If you’re looking to hear the all-too-popular verse/chorus/verse format, you’ll be sorely disappointed by the lineup at this year’s Noise Fest. It’s been two decades since the first soirée took place at Oak Park’s Guild Theater, and the awesome tradition continues this weekend starting at Luna’s Cafe on Friday and ending with a boom for two days at Café Colonial. And while you may not recognize 99 percent of the acts on the bill, it’s simply because artists of this ilk tend to stray from most traditional venues. Included in this three-day festival are performers from all over the area including (but certainly not limited to) Skunk Puppet (Long Beach, California), Beauty School (San Francisco), Fletcher Pratt (Oakland), Uneasy Chairs (Seattle), Conscious Summary (Los Angeles), Juice Machine (Eugene, Oregon), The Stolen Elk (Sacramento) and Security (Rocklin). If you’ve attended one of the many Noise Fest shows over the years, you already (somewhat) know what you’re in for. For the casual concertgoer who would like to add some musical breadth to his/her limited palatte, the keys to the kingdom are yours. Bring some cash to buy some merchandise as well. For additional info visit

    Eddie Jorgensen

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