Local rock duo and longtime Submerge favorites PETS are celebrating 10 years as a band on Aug. 31, 2013 at Bows and Arrows. The married couple behind all the fuzzed-out catchy indie-rock, Allison Jones and Derek Fieth, are probably one of the coolest couples in town. Seriously, Submerge sees them everywhere together: out at shows and events, walking around Midtown. And they always look like a rockin’ band, you know what I mean? Dressed in all black and looking all hip (in a good way). It’s enough to make anyone want to start a band with their significant other!

“It is nice being a band together as the two of us,” Fieth recently told Submerge. “We’re always together and so wherever we go we’ve got PETS right there. We get along with each other pretty well, so band decisions and such are real easy. Plus, playing a show is a date night for us!”

The band’s latest full-length, 2011’s Ready the Rifles, is still on rotation around the Submerge office and in our magazine delivery vehicle (aka our everyday driver). Yeah, it’s that good. Luckily though, we are happy to report that the band is working on new material and Fieth said that they hope to start recording their next album later this year.

“When we stop to think about it, [10 years] is a long time but it’s gone by really fast,” Fieth said. “We’ve kept doing it for so long and can’t imagine quitting, because it’s never stopped being fun.”

PETS’ 10-year anniversary show on Aug. 31 at Bows and Arrows will feature a hot lineup consisting of another local rock duo, Dog Party (who are celebrating the release of their new record on this night), as well as a reunion show from Ancient Sons. Nacho Business and Shaun Slaughter are also on the bill, making this a definite you’d-be-dumb-to-miss-it sort of show! It’s all ages, $5 cover and doors open at 7 p.m. Learn more about PETS at Facebook.com/petstheband

    Jonathan Carabba

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