Sacramento post-hardcore band A Lot Like Birds are set to tour in Europe this February, and although the guys are beyond stoked for their first trip overseas, their routing schedule looks brutal. They’ve got 23 shows scheduled in as many days! They’re hitting the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Hungary, Ukraine and more.

“We have never done anything like it!” said Michael Franzino, the bands composer/guitarist.

“I feel for my vocalists and dread my ‘bang overs,’” he said, referring of course to the way one’s neck and body feel the morning after a gig full of head bangin’ and stage divin’.

It could be worse, though, they’ve hired a driver and the trips between shows will be relatively short. On top of that, they’re traveling in a Sprinter that has bunks, although co-vocalist Cory Lockwood doesn’t think they’ll need them much.

“It’s a little depressing that we won’t have any vacation time to scout around a new continent,” Lockwood said, “But we just don’t plan on sleeping much.”

He continued with, “Besides the obvious excitement of any trip overseas, I think we’re all really excited to explore a fan base that we’ve watched grow over time but have never really been able to experience firsthand. I want to see if they move more, how large the turnouts are and I want to hear how our music impacts them.”

To view the entire tour schedule and to hear some tunes from their past two albums (2009’s self-release Plan B and 2011’s Conversation Piece, out on Doghouse Records), visit or The group plans on entering the studio this spring with engineer Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio in Portland, Ore. (he did Conversation Piece) to record a new album that will be released on Equal Vision Records, the band’s current home.

“This record is going to be banananuts,” Franzino said. “We are really expanding on the strengths of our past two records effectively, at least what I perceive those to be. We won’t know the beast completely until we make the journey home from Kris’ studio.”

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