Sacramento’s own local quartet Sonder—Chance Taylor (vocals and guitar), Jimmy Haddan (rhythm guitar and vocals), Linda Walker (bass and bird sounds), Spence Haddan (drums)—describe their music as “Acoustic Folk Ska Punk” on their Facebook page. And while the pairing of such disparate musical styles and genres would normally make for a nauseating listen, the band’s musical output would suggest otherwise. This special Friday show will be a celebration of sorts for the band’s aptly titled Unfamiliar Phases EP. For less than the price of a crappy value meal at McDonald’s, you can satisfy your musical palete with music from Killah Wail (surf punk from Modesto), Utmärkt, and Ricky! (from New Orleans’ own Name Calling). The all-ages event kicks off at 7:30 p.m. and continues until the last Volvo-driving soccer mom or dad picks up their punker teen. For those who’ve never been to a show at the tiny Cafe Colonial, do make sure you park your car in the gated adjacent lot. Parking on the street can result in possible car break-ins, random tires missing, and more. With all the money you save parking in the right spot, you can surely afford to buy some food at the cafe and a few merch items (yes, they will have buttons and stickers). Like Sonder at, where you can also RSVP to the show and impress your friends (yet again).

    Eddie Jorgensen

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