Pedal Hard
1703 T Street
Sacramento, Calif.

Sacramento has flourishing fixed-gear/single-speed/track-bike scenes, and with the recent addition of Pedal Hard, a new rider-owned and -operated shop located at 1703 T Street, they’re getting much stronger. Music, art, bicycle scenes; they’re all basically the same in that they need one thing more than anything else: a gathering place, somewhere to hang out and talk shop and feel part of a community of like-minded people. The dudes behind Pedal Hard want their shop to be just that. Come in, hang out (they have a couch and a classic Nintendo system!) and talk bikes. Of course, if you want to buy some stuff, that’s great too. They carry top-notch brands like Leader USA, EighthInch, Aerospoke and Euro-Asia Imports. They’ve also got some dope clothes and other nice grabs from brands like Ambiguous, Shine, Immigrant Village, Constructive Destruction and Chrome bags and shoes. They plan on carrying BMX stuff eventually, but for now are sticking to fixies, single-speeds and track bikes. They’ll even deliver whatever you need for free in the Sacramento area. Bike frames, wheels, cranks, track bars, freestyle stems, riser bars, seats, seat posts, they’ve got it all and if they don’t, they can probably get it for you. Stop in or give them a call at (916) 801-5545.