It’s no secret: EDM (electronic dance music) has taken over American culture within the last two years. The acquisition was inevitable; EDM has consumed the European music scene for almost 30 years now; the United States was just a little late to join the party. The antagonists of anything-electronica typically oppose the genre because they think it compromises the integrity of musical composition. That may be true for the kitschy “producers” who capitalize on mainstream culture (and taint EDM with poorly integrated beats and mixes), but it’s an entirely different story for the artists and DJs who tirelessly dedicate their creativity to the medium of electronic music. Trentino is a perfect example of this tenacious, imaginative application. His love for musical development is exceptionally apparent in his contagious on-stage enthusiasm. His ecstatic vibes, technical talent and approachable sound make him a favorite of EDM-devotees and newcomers to the genre. Avid electronic listeners, dance fanatics and those willing to expand their musical perspective are all sure to enjoy Trentino’s April 26 show at Harlow’s. The doors open for this 21-and-over show at 9 p.m. and tickets can be purchased ahead of time through for only $10.