Arguably Berlin’s greatest export, organist Cameron Carpenter is on a U.S. tour with his International Touring Organ. The fully mobile and $1.2 million dollar instrument is quite an amazing beast that somehow captures the spirit and essence of a stationary pipe organ yet has more bells and whistles than should be allowed. On this special occasion, the 34-year-old Carpenter will be playing a bunch of his own works—all of which he chooses and are never divulged beforehand—along with a special improvisational work to accompany The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. For the uninitiated, Cameron is anything but a conventional player and dons a mohawk, wears fancy stage garb and plays music from memory with a gusto and fervor unheard of in today’s classical world. Check out his wonderful take on Leonard Bernstein’s “Candide” on YouTube if you need further coercing. Carpenter’s show will leave both newcomers and classical aficionados alike yearning for more. Grandiose events like this don’t come along often so be sure to send a special “thank you” message to Mondavi Center’s talent buyer after the show. Get tickets now at and impress your peers who never do anything but stare at their phones at no-cover-charge bars.

    Eddie Jorgensen

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