Vince Gilligan purportedly has a net worth of $15 million at present, but it’s probably safe to say that number isn’t likely to go anywhere but upward. Although his production work was noticed over 20 years ago starting with season three of the X-Files, his career has been on an upward trajectory ever since. Fans of both the immensely popular Breaking Bad series as well as his newer Better Call Saul offering will get a chance to hear Gilligan talk about both of these and, of course, newer works waiting in the pipeline. And while Gilligan has been a known and wanted quantity in entertainment circles well before the release of Breaking Bad in 2008, it was this series that seemingly catapulted him to superstar status in the fields of creating, writing, and producing. There will also be a moderated Q&A session following his lecture that superfans should prepare for in advance. Expect questions about the genesis of main character Walter White, a bevy of inquiries about how Gilligan chose his cast for the series, and find out if Vince is as funny as his actors. For more info and advance tickets, visit

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