Running Down the Past at the Boston Marathon • Monday, April 17, 2017

Life, bro. Life. Yeah, I cried. Like, real tears. I’m not talking about some pathetic, single anime teardrop. Not some bullshit-ass, Lil Wayne face-tattoo tears. I’m talking about Selena death tears. Brokeback Mountain tears. Michael Jordan tears. Nooooooo, not you, David Bowie! tears. I’m talking real, manly-ass, Tiger Woods-apology tears….

Outside the 9-to-5 • Weekender: Anza-Borrego

Let’s keep this one a secret. It’s the best-kept secret that I have discovered recently and I am writing about it in a printed AND online publication—what’s wrong with me? Apparently I really have faith that you Submerge followers are some down-to-earth, cool fucking people. Let’s prove me right and…

Outside the 9-to-5 • Finding a Passion

Fast-approaching winter gently reminded me it would soon be time to hibernate. During the warm months of the year, you will find me outside; eyes shut, face up to the sky, basking in the sun rays. It feels as if I become fully enveloped in a sweet, warm hug all…