On Sunday, May 5, introduce yourself to scratch board 101! In this workshop, you’ll learn how scratch boards are used to produce unique and creative pieces of beauty. For those unfamiliar with the medium, it is a form of direct engraving where the artist scratches dark ink off the surface to uncover a white or multicolored layer underneath. The illustrative technique usually utilizes sharp tools like knives for the etching. It can be used to not only portray highly detailed and intricate pieces, but the different textures within the artwork are an intriguing sight. The lesson will cover the different approaches and devices that are used to scratch alternate appearances and characteristics in each design. Instructor Carrie Girdler will teach participants how color is used to bring fascinating details to each creation. The class fee is $45 plus the cost of supplies. Carrie Girdler is a local creative who takes delight in sharing her artistic knowledge and skills with the world. Currently, Girdler works with community centers and schools all around to bring delightful and creative educational art and craft projects to all. For a formal list of supplies, email creativelycarrie@gmail.com. This event will happen at University Art (2601 J St.). Join Girdler and bring friends for a fun art experience to share together! Go to Universityart.com for more info.

**This write-up first appeared in print on page 12 of issue #290 (April 24 – May 8, 2019)**