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The Politics of Adulation | Bharat Ane Nenu | Not Rated

Thoroughly punch-drunk from being hand-led from one Marvelized CGI spectacle to the next over the past 10 summers, I thought I’d take a gamble on an Indian blockbuster film this week, a new Tollywood (Telugu-language) hit entitled Bharat Ane Nenu (I, Bharat), playing in select theaters in the Sacramento region….

Funny Business

At this point, I feel like I know Michael Avenatti well enough that I feel as though I should send him a Christmas card or something this year. I don’t really like or dislike the man, but every time I turn on the TV, there he is with that steely…

Sac and Back: Springtime in Auburn

Winter disappeared with haste. Awakening to the spring birds chirping, I gazed out my bedroom window on Saturday morning to see the blue sky sharing its space with only a few wispy white clouds. I pressed the back of my hand to the window as I do to check the…